issyrey is a creative space
with a love for joyful design
by Kristina Reischl. 

Creative Conception, Brand Identity Design, Illustration (2D/3D) & Motion Design.

Kristina is a Communication Designer & Visual Artist based in Graz, Austria. She strives for creating unique and holistic design experiences by working across several disciplines. Her focus in on Brand Identity Design, 2D/3D Illustration and Motion—always keeping an eye on playful and experimental approaches to spark joy and happiness.

In the past years she had the opportunity to work for several beauty and lifestyle brands with a strong focus on Art Direction, Brand Identity Design/Packaging Design, Illustration and Motion Design—spanning the fields of print, web and film.


//Independent Creative, 2019—now
//Brand Identity Design/Packaging, Intern,
    Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg 2020
//Creative Designer, Pam GmbH, Graz 2015—19
//UI/Game Art, Super 1×1 iOS App,  
   Collab with TU Graz,  2013

//Graphic Design & Marketing, Intern,
    XAL GmbH, Graz 2011

//Roadshow 2.0 Concept, Magna Steyr,
    1st price, Graz 2018

//Screendesign, Design Academy Berlin,
    1st price and scholarship, Berlin 2014



//Moving Brands—Motion Design as an
    element of Corporate Identity

   Text, Editorial, Illustration, Graz 2020

//Multiversal Limbo Lab—Design
    Showcase CMS20, 2022
//Beyond Objects—Poster Exhibition,
    Online 2020

//Communication Design M.A.,
   FH JOANNEUM, Graz 2020—now
//Information Design (Media Design) B.A.,
   FH JOANNEUM, Graz 2017—20

//Graphic & Communcation Design,
    HTL Ortwein, Graz 2009—14

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