Bittersüss — Die liebe Melancholie


Bittersweet — The sweet melancholy: an exhibition concept developed during the exhibition design course at FH Joanneum, together with my colleagues Johanna Plösch, Chiara Köck and Hannah Filzmoser. The exhibitions concept is dedicated to the very often mistaken view on the feeling of melancholy. On two floors, this complex topic will be illustrated to the exhibitions visitor, throughout an interactive experience. 

The first floor is all about knowledge — historical and psychological contexts. Whereas the second floor will focus on the interactive and physical experience. The exhibition relates to the stress of everyday life and social compulsion of always being happy which leads to a feeling of thoughtfulness and longing. At first, you keep getting deeper and deeper into this dreariness — but troughout the exhibition you will learn how important this process is for every individual to develop and to find inner peace and relaxation — this process will be symbolized by integrating a spiral shape into the exhibitions room concept as well as in branding elements such as the logo.